A green campus

A green campus

The University of Ottawa strives to have sustainability integrated into daily life on campus in as many ways as possible, big and small — from taking notes on scrap paper to designing more energy-efficient campus facilities. It all matters and often results in significant cost savings to the University and its students in addition to reducing our impact on the environment.

During Congress 2015, please take advantage of the many programs we have in place in order to reduce your environmental footprint.

•  We are a bottled water–free campus. There are over 150 water fountains on campus that provide you with access to free water.

•  We are a pedestrian friendly campus. The vast majority of our campus community members do not use a car to commute to campus. Pedestrian malls span the entire campus for your safety.

•  We believe in reducing, reusing, and then recycling! There are over 200 recycling centres on campus.

•  We are one of the most energy-efficient campuses in Canada. But that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t turn off the lights. Please remember to flick off when you leave a room.

•  We are a clean air community. Our Protection Services vehicle fleet is all hybrid and many of our Protection Services staff use bicycles to patrol the campus.

•  We have been designated a Fair Trade Campus by Fairtrade Canada. That means you will find ample fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolate options on campus

If you have any questions about sustainability here at the University of Ottawa, please contact the Office of Campus Sustainability.