Info for presenters

Info for presenters


Are you presenting at Congress? Congratulations on being accepted to share your research at Canada’s largest gathering of scholars!

Whether you are a speaker, panelist, session chair or a participant in one of the approximately 70 different conferences taking place as part of Congress, here are some handy tips to get you started.


Yes, as a presenter, you are required to register for Congress. You will need to add both the Congress fee and the applicable Association conference fees to your registration. Register here.

Many of the associations require that all presenters also be members in good standing. Please contact your association directly to pay your membership fees (which are not included in the Congress fees) and to verify your member status if necessary.

Onsite at Congress

Check-in at the onsite Congress Registration Desk (hours and location listed here) when you arrive to pick up your official access badge and registration package.  If your schedule allows it, pick up your registration package on the day prior to the start of your conference and avoid the morning rush!

The Program Chair for your association may also ask you to check-in with him/her when you arrive. Refer to any instructions provided by the association, as well as the Congress Guide that you will receive in your registration package for association locations on campus.

Preparing for your presentation

These are general instructions for all presenters. Please contact your association directly to verify specific details on what to expect for the conference.

Technology & room set-up

Confirm with your Program Chair whether audiovisual equipment such as a projector, laptop, microphone, etc. has been ordered for your presentation. If the association has not pre-ordered this equipment, it will not be available to you. They will also be able to answer any questions you might have about the availability of a podium or panels style set-ups.

  • Computers at the University of Ottawa are loaded with Windows and with Microsoft Office 2010, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Ensure that any files you need for your presentation are compatible with these programs.
  • Please make sure to bring any files you may need for your presentation on a USB key.
  • Note for Mac users: The university’s audiovisual team does NOT support Macs. You are still welcome to bring your own Mac laptop, however please note that you will be required to bring your own VGA adaptor as well as VGA cables (male and female - 6 feet long), or coordinate with your Program Chair to get one. Adaptors will NOT be available onsite from Congress staff, nor can they provide any technical assistance.


Please see the document Accessible Presentations for tips on improving the accessibility of your public talks for all audiences.


Bring a re-usable water bottle. The University of Ottawa is a bottled water-free campus, but there are plenty of water fountains available for you to refill your own. Please note that glasses of water are not provided at Congress unless pre-ordered by the association.

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. There can sometimes be a lot of running around between different buildings on campus (check out the map). It’s also a good idea to wear layers and check the local weather report, as spring temperatures can vary between warm and cool each day.

Did you know…

… that 80% of last year’s Congress survey respondents identified as being a presenter? You’re in good company!